Giving Makes Vision Possible

Layton Vision Foundation

One cure, One Vision, Once.  For Everyone.

We are a foundation dedicated to eradicating curable and incurable blindness in Australia, Oceania and South East Asia. Our focus is on single treatment cures suitable for low resource settings, providing clinical services and clinics in the South Pacific whilst focusing  on the future by developing new, minimally invasive therapies, which could treat a family, village or entire nation.

Health promotion and advocacy

Health promotion and advocacy

Public health promotion and health policy advocacy in vision

Clinical care

Clinical care, especially of diabetic retinopathy, in low resource settings

PhD Fellowship in Ophthalmology awarded

Research Fellowships

Provision of Research Fellowships to support promising ophthalmic researchers, especially in Queensland

 Research Grants

Research Grants

Research Grants for ophthalmic research programs into incurable or retinal blindness, especially in Queensland