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Giving Makes Vision Possible

Layton Vision Foundation

One cure, One Vision, Once.  For Everyone.

The Layton Foundation is an eye charity dedicated to eradicating curable and incurable blindness in Australia, Oceania and South East Asia. Our Brisbane vision research is focused on single treatment cures suitable for low-resource settings. The Layton charity team members were active in providing clinical services and setting up clinics in the South Pacific before borders were closed, and now focus on the future of eye health by developing new, minimally invasive therapies that can treat a family, village or entire nation.



To promote and assist the eradication of blindness through research and clinical service.

Health & Advocacy

Public health promotion and health policy advocacy in vision research


Clinical care, especially of diabetic retinopathy, in low-resource settings

Research Fellowships

Provision of Research Fellowships to support promising ophthalmic researchers, in QLD


Research Grants for ophthalmic programs into incurable or retinal blindness in Queensland


Dr. Chris Layton

Director of Clinical Research

Dr. Brenda Castro

Scientific Fellow

Dr. Sergei Kozlov

Lab Manager, PhD, GCHEd

Brendon Luke

Communications & Fundraising

Dr. Jason Steel

Director of Scientific Research

Prevent & control blinding diseases

About Layton
Vision Foundation

Since 2016, eye research charity Layton Vision Foundation Limited has promoted and assisted in the eradication of blindness through vision research and clinical services. Irreversible blindness is a tragic and feared outcome of many eye diseases. Your ongoing support is vital. The World Health Organization (WHO) World report on vision (WRV) predicts a substantial increase in the number of people with eye conditions and vision impairment in the coming years. Developing countries will bear the brunt. By donating to eye research, you can make a significant difference.

of the world’s blind suffer from cataract

people worldwide are visually disabled

of global blindness is avoidable

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