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Board of Directors

Professor Christopher Layton

Professor Layton is a private clinical ophthalmologist and a national leader in innovative ophthalmology.  He completed optometry at QUT, ophthalmology in Queensland, Oxford and London, subspecialty training in retinal disease at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and holds a PhD in diabetic retinopathy from Oxford University.   Professor Layton is a Rhodes Scholar and founding director of the LVF Ophthalmology Research Centre.  He is also CEO of Ocugene, a Queensland based biotech start-up which is commercialising his gene therapy technology targeting macular degeneration, uveitis and choroidal melanoma.  Professor Layton is the listed inventor on multiple patents in the USA, the EU, Japan, Israel, Australia and Singapore.

Dr Simone Becker

Dr Becker is a specialist medical practitioner and registered consultant psychiatrist. She acts as director of 3 private companies and has 17 years experience in the medical industry. She is active in the Australian biotech industry and has a special interest in gene therapy in the nervous system. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Professor Terry Walton

Professor Walton is a specialist prosthodontist and holds the position of Professor (Affiliate) at the University of Sydney. He is a member of many dental organisations including the International College of Prosthodontists, of which he was co-president in 2000-2001, the International College of dentists, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Prosthodontics. He is a Member of the Order of Australia (General Division).

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