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Professional Indemnity insurance for clinical work is provided by practitioners’ existing policies which includes coverage for overseas benevolent clinical activities. Clinical trial and research professional indemnity is covered by the researcher’s university affiliation and institutional indemnity policy.

Any assets of the company will be covered by contents insurance. Any employees are covered by state based workers compensation insurance.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property produced through grants or fellowships remain the property of the researcher themselves, unless they have already ceded it to another entity, in which case it will be ceded to this entity.

Legal Considerations

Medical registration in low resource settings will be obtained directly and in writing from the appropriate health minister of the jurisdiction.

Importation of medical devices will meet local import requirements and importation of major infrastructure cleared with the appropriate governmental authorities. The Layton Vision Foundation makes every effort to ensure funds reach their intended overseas recipients, principally through direct supervision and the use of reports and photographs as required under Queensland law.

The Layton Vision Foundation is registered charity number CH3060 under the Collections Act Qld 1966 and is licenced to make appeals for support to the public in Queensland.  Although the Layton Vision Foundation promotes its activites online, it directs its appeals only to Queensland residents and requests residents of other jurisdictions to support a registered vision based charity in their area.

Research and ethical compliance will be the responsibility of researchers’ affiliated university, institute, hospital or employing company and assessed at the end of any grant or fellowship upon request via a report to the Layton Vision Foundation.

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