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Supporter profile: Faye Harper

Faye Harper, a resident of Logan, is like many of our early supporters in that she came to know the work of the Layton Vision Foundation through her own brush with blindness.

“We had no history of blindness in our family and so I have never confronted or even considered the impact it could have on someone before” Faye said when she spoke to us.  “And it isn’t just the person affected, its everyone around them and their family”.  Faye considers her own recovery as a good outcome but it has been hard work, and she knows that others are not so lucky.  “I was so pleased to start driving again recently after I had to stop due to my vision.  I was amazed how even temporarily having to give up driving impacted my freedom, my independence, and made me impose myself on those I love” said Faye.  “I couldn’t even get to the shops to buy my own food without help.  Imagine if someone was completely blind.  It would have been terrible.”

Faye’s support allowed the Layton Vision Foundation to commence our project applying the human genome project to blindness prevention.  “Research is expensive but supporting it is the only way that people will be able to avoid blindness in the future,” Faye says.  “After my experience I am so grateful for my vision and that someone had done the research to allow my condition to be treated.  Many people’s biggest fear is going blind and now I understand why.  I really do feel that anything you can do, no matter how big or small, to save others from blindness is so worthwhile.”

Giving Makes Vision Possible

Thank you to everyone who gave generously to our Appeals over the last year. Irreversible blindness is a tragic and feared outcome of many eye diseases and your ongoing support is vital. It has been wonderful to see the joy and life changing outcomes for the patients we have helped, and we need your continued support to help others.

So make a donation, become a regular supporter or consider a bequest.  100% of your contribution goes to preventing and curing blindness.

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